Ameno Takeshi


Race: Human (Tian-Min)
Date of Birth: June 21st
Age: young adult (presently 23 years old)
Height: 5’8’’ ft.
Weight: 187 lbs
Class: Warpriest (sohei)

Physical Description
Ameno Takeshi is tall and heavy-built. He has long dark brown hair and a long flowing beard, and dark brown eyes. In his quality as warpriest he attempts to keep a tidy image whenever possible, and an has a stoic and determined look about him.

Psychological Description
Takeshi is profoundly religious and sees politics as a necessary evil to maintain order. He believes punishment should fit the crime and that a ruler exists to maintain the wellfare of his people, not the other way around. He deals with people honorably and expects the same in return, and dispenses harsh punishment for disloyalty and dishonorable behavior.

Strangers and acquaintances may find him a somber and imposing figure, yet close friends and family know him for a friendly, outspoken character, with a prankster streak. Perhaps his most defining trait is his word – once given, Takeshi is incapable of going back on his promise.


Takeshi was born in Kasai, the capital of Minkai in Tian-Xia, to a samurai sworn to the Higashiyama family and his wife.

He lost his mother Tomoe to the complicated birth of his younger brother at the age of three and was left in the care of his father, uncle and grandfather. From a very young age he showed promise to follow in his grandfather Iyashi’s steps and go into the clergy, being a devout follower of Lady Shizuru ever since he can remember.

Takeshi would lose his father and uncle as well three years later, when the later went missing during a tax collecting assignment and the former set out to accompany the search party that attempted to locate him. One morning, a messenger came back in his father’s place, carrying his swords and an infant he claimed had been delivered to him by a dying Hideyoshi. Takeshi inherited his father’s katana, and was admitted to temple for training as a warpriest two years later, at the age of eight.

While in training, he discovered his other passion – the work of the smith, especially in the form of crafting armor and weapons. During his time in temple, he became an accomplished smith and acquired knowledge of all things engineering.

Takeshi was brought up with a younger sibling and a cousin, which he came to regard as a younger sister. Being the eldest, he was a role model for his brother, and a keeper for his sister.

Less than a year ago, Takeshi was surprised to see his grandfather return home in a panic, and instruct his grandchildren to take what they could carry and follow him to the docks. Grandfather Iyashi had in fact stumbled upon a terrible secret, one that concerned the Jade Regent and which could start a civil war in Minkai. To Takeshi, Grandfather Iyashi trusted the proof – a bloody handkerchief and a scroll of paper, explaining what he had witnessed and why it was paramount the siblings leave Tian-Xia at once. Grandfather himself would stay behind, hoping to earn his family the time to get well enough away.

Takeshi ushered his brother and sister into a ship to an unknown land, and vowed there and then to return as soon as possible, and bring the Regent to justice to regain his family’s honor.

Ameno Takeshi

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